Post-Covid Jobs Plan

Prime Minister Boris Johnson made an announcement yesterday where he unveiled the ‘Lifetime Skills Guarantee Plan.’

The Government investment is an effort to boost productivity and aid a recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and will include apprenticeship and SME funding support.

It includes boosting the number of apprenticeships, with more funding for small and medium firms, and extending a pilot programme known as ‘Digital Skill Boot Camps.’

Speaking from Exeter College, the Prime Minister said the Government aims to ‘change the planning rules’, so that it’s easier to provide homes for young families and for businesses to grow and invest, while transforming the skills system so everyone has the chance to train and retrain.

‘Radical change’ for apprenticeships and business

Part of the plan outlined is to expand apprenticeships, making it easier to get a high quality apprenticeship, and connect them better to local employers who know where the jobs of the future are going to emerge.

A reforming of the system will mean unspent funds can be used more easily to support apprenticeships not just in big companies, but in SMEs, aiding job creation.

Johnson said he wanted more of these apprenticeships to be portable – ‘so you can take them from company to company.’

UK Government Trade Hub launched to support Scottish businesses

The Department for International Trade has today launched a dedicated Hub to provide businesses with trade support.

The Hub is dedicated to helping businesses in Scotland thrive and grow internationally, and is aimed at providing much-needed support for thousands of companies in economically challenging times.

The DIT’s new Scotland Hub will provide businesses with greatly increased trade support to grow their overseas trade and build back from the impact of coronavirus.