Accountancy Firm in Birmingham and Kensington, London, UK

At Morgan Reach we sum up our values, beliefs and aims with a simple premise: If our clients are successful, we’ll be a successful accountancy firm. That’s why everything we do is intelligently and strategically focused on maximising your wealth.

Although our head office is in Birmingham, we also have an office in Kensington, London allowing us to cover much of the UK.

Whether you’re looking for higher profits, lower tax bills, optimisation of personal wealth or even all three, you will find that we are available to help.

Why do we ask so many questions?

You may wonder why we ask so many questions. The simple answer is we are inquisitive. We want to know about you, your business and your family; about your aspirations; about where you’ve come from and where you’d like to go. We like to know what drives you, so we can help you reach your goals in the fastest possible time.

Of course, we can crunch numbers like most accountants, but that’s not what inspires us – far from it. We are inspired by being involved in the community, from seeing our clients’ businesses grow and watching them become wealthy as a result. We like to be involved in your business; to dig beneath the surface of the figures and look at what influences them.

That’s our commitment to you as a client. We think it says a lot about the sort of people we are and the type of clients we like to deal with.

Discover more about the differences Morgan Reach Chartered Accountants can make to you and your business.