Morgan Reach, are thrilled to announce its new partnership with GoCardless, a leading provider of simple and secure direct bank payment solutions. This collaboration aims to enhance the payment experiences for both Morgan Reach and its clients, ensuring quicker payments and significantly reducing the stress associated with payment collections.

At Morgan Reach, we pride ourselves on distinguishing ourselves from traditional accountants by constantly seeking innovative ways to improve the business performance of our clients. One of the critical aspects of running a successful business is maintaining a healthy cash flow. With this in mind, our partnership with GoCardless will provide our clients with state-of-the-art payment solutions that facilitate a seamless cash flow, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses without the hassle of chasing payments.

As part of our proactive efforts, for the next 30 days, the Morgan Reach team will be available to assist our clients and advise them on this particular product at no cost. We understand the positive impact this can have on a business’s performance, and we are committed to making things easier for our clients, allowing them to focus on business growth and profitability without the stress of chasing payments. During this month, our team will be readily available and proactively reaching out to clients to help them take advantage of GoCardless and develop an effective business system.

GoCardless offers a range of benefits designed to simplify the payment process:

End Late Payments: Clients can make instant, one-off payments or set up automated recurring payments, eliminating the need for constant reminders and follow-ups.
No More Chasing: By automating payments, businesses save time and resources previously spent on chasing late payments.
Forget Expensive Fees: GoCardless utilises direct bank payments, which means no card fees and significant savings on administrative costs.
Automate Admin: The system provides a clear overview of payment statuses at any time. When connected to your accounting system, it automates reconciliation, further streamlining operations.
Perfect for Recurring Payments: Businesses can leverage GoCardless’s global bank payment network to collect payments from customers worldwide, whether for one-off or variable amounts.
Simple to Use Dashboard: The intuitive dashboard offers detailed information on setting up and managing both one-off and recurring payments, as well as subscriptions and plans.

On this partnership, Morgan Reach’s Managing Director, Dr Kamran Shaikh, said, “Maintaining a healthy cash flow is crucial for any business to thrive. Our partnership with GoCardless is a significant step forward in equipping our clients with the best tools available to ensure timely payments. This collaboration will not only enhance efficiency but also allow business owners to focus on what they do best – running their businesses. At Morgan Reach, we are committed to providing strategic advice and innovative solutions that drive business success.

Reflecting on the partnership, GoCardless Senior Business Manager, Mr Gareth Bowers, added, “We are excited to partner with Morgan Reach, one of the fastest-growing accountancy practices in the UK. This partnership is poised to benefit hundreds of Morgan Reach clients, helping them to manage their payments effortlessly and maintain a strong cash flow. By integrating GoCardless’s simple and secure payment solutions, Morgan Reach is empowering its clients to focus on their core business activities while we handle the complexities of payment collections.

The partnership between Morgan Reach and GoCardless represents a forward-thinking approach to managing business finances. With this new payment system in place, Morgan Reach clients can look forward to a more streamlined, efficient, and stress-free payment process, ensuring their businesses remain financially healthy and poised for growth.

For more information about how Morgan Reach and GoCardless can help your business, contact us today .

About Morgan Reach
Morgan Reach is a progressive accountancy practice that goes beyond traditional accounting services. We provide strategic business advice and innovative solutions to help our clients improve performance, reduce costs, and achieve sustainable growth.

About GoCardless
GoCardless is a leading provider of direct bank payment solutions. It offers a simple and secure way to collect payments, both one-off and recurring, helping businesses automate their payment processes and improve cash flow.