Thriving Birmingham-based chartered certified accountancy expands into the North West…

As part of its remit to offer the best service to as many new customers as possible, Morgan Reach Chartered Certified Accountants is thrilled to announce that it has expanded into the North West of England and opened new offices in Manchester. The move is a huge step in the firm’s commitment to delivering its services to a wider selection of both small and large businesses, as well as freelancers and contractors.

The new offices are a symbol of the company’s continued progress and evolution, and the choice of Manchester is a very deliberate one as, like Morgan Reach itself, the city is also evolving rapidly. Viewed around the world as the birthplace of innovation and industry, in recent years Manchester has undergone a resurgence as more and more forward-looking, talent-hungry businesses choose to invest in the city.

A flourishing hub of international business, Manchester sits at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse, a group of Northern cities that together form a “super economy”. The Northern Powerhouse is one of the world’s largest urban economies. It competes not only with London, but also with the likes of national economies such as Taiwan and Sweden, and is worth around £350 billion.

Dr Kamran Shaikh, MD of Morgan Reach, said: “Manchester is a world-class city that is home to a massive range of successful businesses and infinite talent, and we’re really excited to become a part of this thriving metropolis. Our new office space is a symbol of the exponential growth of our firm, and, even more importantly, of the confidence our clients have in us going forward.

“Manchester is an unparalleled environment for business,” he added. “It has a fantastic pool of talented people and a transport infrastructure that competes with the best cities in the world. Add to that the extraordinarily diverse range of existing companies and you can see why we’re very excited to be here and very much looking forward to establishing ourselves as part of the city’s booming business landscape.”