In the third installment of our video series on cloud accounting, Morgan Reach’s Mandeep Ubhi disucsses the benefits of using Quickbooks in the cloud.

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You can learn more about cloud accounting by contacting Morgan Reach at either their London or Birmingham office.

Transcript of Cloud Accounting Software Video:

Hi guys, it’s Manny from Morgan Reach Chartered Accountants! Today, I wanted to talk to you about which Cloud Accounting software you guys should be using.

We recommend Quickbooks. We have several clients who are using that software and the benefits of it are is it’s easy to use, it has a very user-friendly interface, it’s available on your iPhone, your Android phone, on an iPad. You can easily generate invoices off there, you can easily generate quotes for potential customers, you can keep track of what invoices are due to be paid, or invoices that are outstanding. You can link your bank accounts to it so that it can download all of the transactions and match it off against what invoices you’ve got outstanding. It’s actually a very useful tool.

You can also use it for processing your payroll, as well. So you can keep track of how much you’ve paid your staff on a monthly basis. And it also has other handy features as well, but to find out more about this and to find out what would be best for yourselves, please feel free to give us a call at our offices. Or, go onto our website, which is Thank you.