5 reasons to hire a professional accountant. Moving your accounting to a full-time firm could be a key decision in your business’ long-term success.

It’s a job that you may always put off, but it needs doing. If you’re doing your own books or even contract support for your businesses accounts, you need to consider whether this will be the efficient option for your business long term. While it may seem like a daunting task, recruiting a permanent accountant to support you can bring major benefits to your operations.

Save time

Outsourcing your accountant will save you time and allow you to focus on other parts of the business. Moving your priorities away from bookkeeping could be the key step you take that enables you to grow your business.

Reduce tax liability

The main reason to employ a fulltime accountant is to give you tax relief, ensuring you are paying what you should be paying to the taxman, so your resources can be re-invested into your business. Filling out forms correctly will eliminate your risk of financial penalties and employing a fulltime professional ensures that you keep up to date with any changes in regulation.

Get Things Right

Like you, attention to detail is a key priority of ours. Bringing in an experienced accountant means you are employing someone you can trust to fill out all documents for HMRC correctly and well before the deadline for submission. Accountants don’t make simple errors that could cost you time or result in financial penalties.

Furthermore, while our expertise is in managing your finances, you could also use our keen eye for fact-checking in other areas of the business to ensure that everything is correct and operating smoothly.


Bringing in a new face opens your business up to a new network of people who could be potential suppliers or clients. As a company, we take pride in the fact that we are heavily involved in the community and we can work together to introduce each other to a variety of people. That could be potential new employees, customer or even building a relationship with someone who offers opportunities for charitable involvement – the list is endless!

Help your business grow

We will allocate you a dedicated accountant with experience in your industry who will quickly learn how you operate. That experience could prove invaluable in the next steps that your business takes, ensuring you continue to grow in an efficient manner, whilst also maintaining the ethos and culture that you have carefully crafted within the business. Our experience can help you in the long-term planning of your business.

While overseeing your own finances may seem like the efficient option, giving you the final sign-off to ensure everything is in order, it is holding you back. Moving to a financial accounting firm gives you the time and focus on business growth and brings in an experienced individual who will work with you for the benefit of your company.

At Morgan Reach, we look beyond the numbers, we want to build a lasting relationship together and work with you to grown and develop your business into what you want it to be. For more information about what we could do for you, give us a call today on 0121 236 0777 or email us at info@morganreach.com.