Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

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As an initiative setup by the Government, Start-up companies can receive help from the government in attracting new investment. Investors in start-up companies could claim 50% of their investment back through tax relief. The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) will allow investors who invest up to £100,000 to claim the 50% tax relief.

If you have a VAT query, the Morgan Reach VAT Services team will be happy to help you.

Other advantages are:

  • If the investor makes any gains in the 2015/16 tax year, the tax can be deferred if the proceeds are invested in SEIS
  • If the investment is held for at least 3 years, there is no tax to pay on any gain made
  • The scheme should enable start-up companies to attract more investors by emphasising the tax advantages.
  • Another point to mention to potential investors is that tax relief through SEIS may be more attractive than tax relief on pension contributions for 50% taxpayers (which are now limited).
  • If the start-up company needs more than £150,000 (the total allowed for the company) there is still the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), which allows for 30% tax relief for the investor.

Morgan Reach team are to help you on journey so if you are a start-up looking for investment, please contact us so we can talk you through setting up SEIS or EIS.