Tax Enquiries

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HMRC Investigations – are you next?

Today, up to one in ten small or medium sized businesses are likely to be subject to a tax investigation by HM Revenue & Customs. Thanks to new powers vested in them, HMRC is becoming more aggressive about how they deal with investigations – they do not have to give a reason for investigating and even select some cases completely at random.
The cost to individuals and businesses of dealing with a revenue investigation is often high and can easily be more than the cost of preparing the accounts and/or tax returns that are under investigation.

HMRC investigations can damage your business

The threat of an HMRC investigation into your business can be highly disruptive, putting you and your employees under considerable pressure at a time when you can least afford it. Whether it’s for VAT, PAYE or Corporation Tax, the amount of time and effort these investigations can take up is likely to have a detrimental effect on the smooth running of your business.

How can Morgan Reach help?

By acting on your behalf in discussions with HMRC, we can first determine what the investigation is intended to focus on – and why they feel the need to investigate. By deflecting their enquiries from you, we can help you to maintain the momentum of the business and ease the worry.

If you’ve already received an assessment as a result of a VAT investigation for example, we’ll check the details and can often negotiate a better outcome for you than you might achieve on your own.

Investigations Insurance

It goes without saying that the best person to defend you in an investigation is your accountant but the cost of doing so can be expensive. That’s why we offer affordable insurance to cover your accountancy fees in the event of an investigation.