Offshore Formation Services

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In some circumstances there may be benefits in arranging for offshore company formation and share issues for your company.

Morgan Reach can help with offshore formation services and share issues in several locations and can also assist with offshore banking and renewals.

Reasons for forming an Offshore Company?

There are 2 main reasons to form an Offshore Company, Tax benefits, and legal protection.

Tax rates in offshore locations can often be far better for companies than in the UK. These lower rates would help the company to achieve higher profits. It is very important to understand the legal standpoint for an offshore company so that you can avoid any potential legal issues.

At Morgan Reach, we can help to facilitate this process for you, if an offshore company is what you require.

Benefits of Offshore Company formations:

Quick Registration: Many countries entice overseas investments by offering relaxed set up procedures. This means that companies can be set up very quickly.

Anonymity: An issue with setting up a company in the UK s that the directors need to be declared to Companies House & other Governmental authorities. By forming an offshore company you can nominate third party directors. This enables you to keep your affairs out of the public eye.