Nominee Services

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If, when setting up and registering a new company, you decide that you would like a degree of anonymity, you could appoint the services of a nominee shareholder or nominee secretary.

Nominee shareholder

You can use an individual or use one of our ‘in house’ companies to act as a Nominee Shareholder. We will prepare a Declaration of Trust in favour of the beneficial owner. We sign this declaration so that any time in the future when you want the shares to be transferred out of the name of the nominee shareholder, the transfer can be executed immediately. Any dividends remain the ownership of the beneficial owner and your ownership remains safe.

Nominee secretary

Morgan Reach can also provide an individual or one of our ‘in house’ companies to act as a Nominee or Company Secretary.

A company secretary typically ensures that your firm is compliant in many areas of the law including regulations relating to the protection of company data and the health and safety of employees.

The company secretary is also responsible for making sure that all annual reports and accounts are filed on time with the relevant authorities, such as HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House.

A company secretary may also be involved in signing off on various important documents as well as acting as the company’s representative in discussions with outside parties including banks, solicitors, accountants, and potential business partners.

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