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Kamran Shaikh

Managing Director

Kamran Shaikh is the Founder and Managing Partner of the practice and has overall responsibility for the firm’s strategy and delivery of services to clients – ensuring that the highest standards of work are attained in all areas of the firm’s operations. Kamran qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 2003 and holds a Phd in Business Studies.

As a senior member of the team Kamran has developed long term relationships with clients, operating in diverse areas of business as individuals and companies alike. Kamran works closely with corporate clients in an advisory capacity and ensures that key strategic and tax planning is at the core of the services provided.

In Kamran’s words, he sees each company’s accounts as a valuable resource which quantifies the strengths and weaknesses of a company. This is a platform which can be used to further develop and expand. The most enjoyable part of his work is the time spent face to face with the client. He is able to match their ideas and needs with an extensive network of resources. Accountancy at Morgan Reach is as much about a window into the future as it is about a record of past achievements.

“I am motivated by complex issues faced by clients and finding solutions to these. It feels that sometimes my role as the trusted advisor is more of business advise than the traditional role of the accountants and just doing compliance for the clients”.

Kamran also recognises the need for Morgan Reach to support the community that in turn supports it. He personally plays an active role, though not necessarily a public role in a number of community services. The staff at Morgan Reach are also active in helping local charities. Kamran also acts as a Trustee and Board member for various companies, both private and public. Kamran works actively with his professional institute and is one of the Panel Members for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in the West Midlands.

Kamran is a keen traveller and his favourite places are the Middle and the Far East, albeit most of his short holidays are spent in the UK and Europe.